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SEO Optimization

Search engines are an important source for obtaining information. They do indexing of web pages based on keywords (keyword).
Today is not enough to just have a good website to achieve online success you expect. To be successful, your website should be ranked higher in search engines such as,, etc.
Search engines are an important source for obtaining information. They do indexing of web pages based on keywords (keyword). When an internet user wants word or phrase in the search engine, and then shows him the results of search that search engine gets from its database, and displays according to their importance. So the more important is website the higher will be ranked on search engine. Web sites that are ranked higher are more attractive and have more visitors.
Alba-Soft makes optimizing your website, then it's high ranks higher in search engines.

We do optimization of your website through:
- Research and selection of key words or phrases with your business activity.
- Research your competition.
- Research and selection of key words associated with the assets.
- Writing the perfect code to your website.
- Writing the text proper and informative - we take care that you do not break the rules of the code of ethics, the requirement of search engines.
- Include your website in search engines.

Ranking in the "number one" in Google, Yahoo or Bing, is not easy, but we guarantee results, based on our long experience in this business.
Sadik Zeqiri
Sadik Zeqiri Epoka e Re, Director. We have co-operation (contract) with Albasoft for our news portal Epoka e Re. The main services we have received from Albasoft and we continue to receive are: Planning, design and development of the ...
Valbon Gashi
Valbon Gashi Vascular Surgeon I am fully satisfied with the service, professionalism, probity and accountability of the company. I give my highest recommendation to Albasoft now and I will continue to recommend Albasoft to my...
MBA. Adrian Zeqiri
MBA. Adrian Zeqiri ECMI Director I can confirm that from the very beginning of the project for us, the staff of Albasoft has been very professional, cooperative and committed. Our website is completed fully accordingly to our agreeme...
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